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Frequently asked questions

Do You Require A Deposit?

Yes a minimum of £10.00 with the balance payable on your return.

Do You Have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes this is with Cliverton (Underwritten by Aspen Insurance UK Ltd.) You are welcome to inspect our schedule & certificate of insurance on request.

Do You Have A Valid Police Check Certificate?


Do You Clean Out Litter Trays?

Yes scooped out daily and changed weekly unless otherwise directed.

Do You Clean Out Hutches and Cages?

Yes there is a small charge of £6.00 for a full clean.

Where Do You Keep Keys?

In a locked key safe.

How Are They Identified?

By name or coloured sticker or fob only.

Who Has Access To My Keys And Property?

All feeds are carried out by my husband or I. However, in the rare event that neither of us could carry out feeds, we would endeavour to inform you before engaging another person.

How Much Notice Do You Require?

Normally able to do with only short notice except at Christmas time when early booking is essential. It is also helpful to give as much notice as you can during the busy periods of Easter, August etc and for the first booking.

What Happens If My Pet Becomes Ill?

We will take it to the vet as specified on the booking form or the nearest, however you would be liable for the cost of any treatment and any additional costs reasonably incurred by us.

Do You Pass Any Of My Details Onto A Third Party?

No except with your permission.

If We Have To Cancel Is There A Charge?

Yes there is a charge of £10.00 on the first booking. No charge for subsequent bookings.

Do You Give Medication?

Yes if the pet will let us however, we're unable to give injections.

Is There A Refund If We Arrive Home Early?

Yes providing you let us know and we have not started out on our journey.

Can We Extend The Time Away?

Yes, however, less then 24 hours notice may incur an extra cost.

What Happens If There Is A Break In?

We will telephone your emergency contact number for advice and also the police.


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